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Susan Ciaravella, Attorney Bio

Susan earned a B.A. in Psychology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and went on to attend Loyola University New Orleans, School of Law, graduating in the top 25% of her law school class.  Susan began her legal training during law school working as a law clerk in the civil insurance defense and criminal defense taking felony cases in Orleans Parish Criminal Court representing indigent clients in a program where law students practiced law under the supervision of a licensed attorney. 


Following licensure by the Louisiana State Bar in 2003, she began a private law practice in New Orleans where she focused exclusively on Criminal Law.  She gained extensive trial experience working for over 18 years as a litigator in the private and public sectors, in both State and Federal Court. Susan has experience as a criminal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, handling matters from misdemeanors to capital murder and potentially capital murder cases. She also has extensive experience as a civil litigation attorney.


Her wide range of litigation experience allows her to consider many different legal strategies while navigating the legal system. 


Susan has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and has Graduate level educational training in the field of Counseling. She is well-informed in recognizing the various psychosocial issues that arise within the context of the court system and has experience navigating cases that involve mental health diagnoses, substance abuse, and addiction. Susan recognizes how these issues can play an integral part in the lives of her clients and their families. In some cases, identifying local resources to help address and manage these issues is often an important step towards resolution. She is a trauma-informed legal advocate who champions equality in all underrepresented and marginalized groups. 


In 2012, Susan relocated to Asheville, North Carolina.  She runs a small litigation practice which allows her to personally serve each individual client. She handles family law matters a

Susan is available for legal consultations or mediation in Downtown Asheville, by appointment only.  Phone or video conferences are available. 


Information submitted through this site does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not guaranteed to be privileged and confidential.




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