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Is Mediation Best For Your Child Custody Matter?


As a litigation attorney for over fifteen (15) years, I can unequivocally tell you that litigation damages relationships between parents. Regardless of who "wins" a custody case, in the end, parties must go on to raise their children, having  verbally attacked one another, having brought up private family business- and all in a relatively public manner, Additionally, the the overzealous attorney can interfere with the settlement process, which may lead to further alienation between parties.


When parties are polarized, they stop engaging in healthy communication. Parties may even shut down or stop communicating altogether. This is not best for your children. Participating in child custody litigation often causes long term damage to the co-parenting unit, leaving both parties suffering from long-term resentments that impact their children. In high conflict cases, parties return to court regularly, filing new actions for every perceived misstep of the other parent- Each attempting to capitalize on the opposing party's every mistake or poor judgment call.  This process is not healthy for you or for your children. And it is not financially sustainable.

What your family needs is someone who can help parties to diffuse the emotion, What your family needs is someone to encourage you in your new and changing family unit. What your family needs is someone to help de-escalate the conflict and guide you to a peaceful resolution. 


Please contact me if you are interested in settling your child custody matter(s) through the process of mediation. 




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